Dr. Morrison speaks out AGAINST testing madness

We were delighted to hear Superintendent Heath Morrison speak out so forcefully about the time and money being wasted on the upcoming expansion of state standardized testing (177 new exams!). We were also pleased to learn that he is working with other district leaders around the country to advocate for sanity in testing.

Please take a minute to let Dr. Morrison and other educational leaders know that you support his statements and urge them to take meaningful action to end testing madness.

We at MecklenburgACTS also support the call for a national three-year test moratorium made by Montgomery County superintendent Joshua Starr, and would be happy to back Dr. Morrison were he to join that call.

You can show your support for Dr. Morrison’s stand by sending an e-mail of support to Dr. Morrison, State Superintendent Dr. June Atkinson, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, and your state and federal representatives. Let them know that Dr. Morrison speaks the truth about the destructive effects of high-stakes testing, and urge them to take immediate action to reduce the number of such tests and their problematic role in evaluating students, teachers and schools.

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