Contact NC Legislators

Our legislators determine the fate of public education by their votes. Bills on school funding, vouchers, teacher evaluation and tenure, charters and many other issues central to public education are before the legislature.

It is important that you let legislators know where you stand on the issues. Tell legislators how the proposed bills impact YOUR children, YOUR schools and YOUR community. Be sure and put the bill number in your email subject line.

Below are members of the House and Senate Education Committees. Cut and paste the addresses into your email to reach all Committee members. Depending on your email type, select either the comma separated or the semicolon separated list.

It is also important that you contact your own representatives. You can find out who they are and their contact information at the NC General Assembly website. If you want to check if your House Representative serves on the Education Committee, check here.

NC House Education Committee Members

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NC Senate Education Committee Members:

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