Sign the Resolution Against High-Stakes Testing

The National Resolution targets state and federal officials because high-stakes standardized testing is driven by their policies. Help open officials’ eyes to the damage their policies are doing to children and schools! Tell legislators and school board members how fed up you and your family are with all these tests.

We also need your help to gather grassroots endorsers – we’re aiming for half a million nationwide. Share the resolution with everyone you know. After you’ve endorsed the resolution, make sure your elected officials know where you stand on this crucial issue.

Here are more ways you can help.

• Tell your friends!

• Spread the word on social media: Facebook, Twitter, etc.

• Talk to PTAs, PTOs and other parent groups about endorsing the resolution.

• Talk to neighborhood associations, faith groups, Chambers of Commerce and other community organizations about endorsing the resolution.

• Make sure your elected representatives know about any endorsement. All members of any endorsing group should send e-mails announcing the endorsement to school board members, and to their state and federal representatives.

Endorse the resolution

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